Topcoin is a type of crypto currency, released 02/02/2014, where you can make instant person to person payments, anywhere in the world. A Crypto currency is a money system which requires no bank accounts or cards and is completely anonymous. With each Topcoin transaction is a nominal fee, this is paid directly to users who are supporting the network with their computer power. These users are known as miners. Miners are building the blockchain by computing mathematical equations, which is a database of every single transaction the network has ever processed.

Topcoin For Consumers:

Topcoins can be spent at a number of online shops and used on many gaming sites. Using topcoin is very easy. You must download our wallet software, this is where your coins are stored, and you can send/receive payments, view transactions, and for the more technically minded you can access and study the block chain. The process of sending funds to somone anywhere in the world is just a matter of entering their specific Topcoin address, entering the amount you wish to send, and pressing send. After 2 minutes, they will be able to spend them.

Because there is no central entity controlling Topcoin (like banks and governments), anyone can use it. It does not require any bank accounts, or any form of personal information. The Topcoin network is made up of only its users. Every person who uses Topcoin stores a copy of the Blockchain. This is a data file of every transaction that anybody has ever made.

Topcoin For Merchants:

Accepting Topcoin payments for your business is very easy and carries minimal transaction fee (0.0001%). You are not required to sign any contracts or give any personal information, and any form of business can transact using Topcoins. We have made a simple script for accepting Topcoin payments on your site, it can be found here, and takes 1 minute to setup.

Earning Topcoins Mining:

The way Topcoins are generated is through a process called Mining. Mining Topcoins is process that involves running special software that uses your computers graphics card to calculate mathematical problems, which form the blockchain, which is a data file consisting of every transaction ever made. Although it is possible to mine Topcoins using your CPU, the process is 20x slower, so this is why usually Topcoins are mined with GPU cards. Some people make special super computers, that consist of mulitiple GPUs (usually 3 or 4), these are called Mining Rigs, but any computer with a graphics card can mine Topcoins. The more computing power you give to the network, determans how many Topcoins you will be paid.

There are 2 ways to mine. Either pool mining or solo mining.

Pool mining is the easiest to do because you dont need to configure your wallet. And even low end computers will receive a stake of the pools blocks. Pool mining is when many people all mine together, and pool their hash power to solve blocks. When a block is solved, the reward is split up with everyone in the pool, depending on how much hash power they are sending.

Solo mining is when you are mining by yourself. The advantage of solo mining is you will receive 100% of the block, however depending on the coins difficulty it may be hard to get solo blocks.